Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello, the world of blogging. I've been part of blogs before, but those were just silly things I did with friends, such as writing collaborative musicals and pretending our friends' love life was a TV show, and other stuff like that, but I've only once before had a blog where I just wrote random stuff. Recently, I've been reading other people's really funny blogs, and tonight I was finally inspired to write my own blog. I just wanted to write to the world about what's going on right now. It all started with a status update I made a couple minutes ago...

Well, it really all started a couple of days ago, when my throat started feeling a little sore.

I didn't know why it was sore, it just was. And then a couple days went by where it just got worse! And I wasn't coughing or anything, so I was a little confused. I wasn't even sneezing, or anything! And then I was talking to my boyfriend about it because I was quite concerned, as I was going to see him yesterday, and he said, "Well, are you sure you don't have strep?"

Suddenly, I was very scared that I might have it, so I searched the Internet for symptoms of strep throat, said, "Hold on a second, I'm going to see if I have any symptoms because holy crap one of the symptoms is a sudden sore throat without any coughing. Then again, it also says that it has to be severe, and I don't think it's quite that, but... hold on."

Thus, I went upstairs to my room, looked myself in the mirror and opened up my mouth very wide. But I couldn't see anything because it's dark in my mouth! So I got a flash light and I used that. No scary yellow or white spots at the back of my throat. I was safe.

Now, another symptom mentioned on the site was redness at the back of the throat. And this made me think, "REDNESS? The throat IS red. And pink." Well, the medical doctors probably know more than I do, so I'm guessing that throats are naturally supposed to be blue or green or something, and everybody in the world secretly has a mild case of strep throat. Of course, I think it would be pretty cool to have a naturally purple tongue, like a giraffe, because giraffes are awesome! But... I don't think humans are supposed to be like that, and I am human.

So, pretty sure that I didn't have strep throat, I went back downstairs and told him, "No, I don't think I have strep throat." Of course, yesterday, when I went to see him, I felt so much better, and I was so happy! And then today was Halloween.

Since I was told by my mother, who finally put her foot down about trick-or-treating, "There is nothing scarier than a bunch of teenagers walking around in the darkness of night," and a bunch of my friends were told similar things, we just had a candy party. Good fun! Candy! Who doesn't love candy? I love candy! And I baked a cake and I brought it over, and my other friend brought over rice crispy treats, and my "twin" friend was dressed up as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (BEST BOOK EVER!!!), and I was Ash Ketchum from Pokémon (The reason why that accented "e" is smaller and in a different font from the rest of the word is because I have no way of making an "e" like that on my computer, so I had to copy and paste it from somewhere else on the Internet. I'm resourceful!) It was a fantastic party.

However, when you're at a party with almost a caboodle of your fantastically crazy female friends... there is bound to be a plethora of loud noises which include but are not limited to shouting, screaming, very loud singing, laughing, and exclaiming, "NO! THAT MAY NOT GO ON FACEBOOK!" I was part of just about all of the aforementioned loud noises, and now my throat hurts just as it did (maybe for different reasons and at a different pain level) before, which leads to the point of this post.


I came home and I said, "Mom... I've probably asked you this before... what makes a sore throat feel better?" I said this very quietly because it hurt to talk, at this point. She asked me to speak up. I said it at the same volume. She told me to project. I said it again, just a little louder.

"OH! Your throat hurts? Do you think you have what your brother has? His throat hurts."

I did not want to tell her that I had had a sore throat before, because I did not want to feel the guilt of being responsible for my boyfriend getting a sore throat, or even anybody else if it can travel through the air, so I told her that the only reason I would have it was because I was in a room with something like eight other crazy teenage girls for four hours. She understood and made me some tea with honey.

Now, I heard over the summer that pineapple juice makes sore throats feel better, but it doesn't make sense because pineapple is ACIDIC-- HIGHLY ACIDIC. Why would you want acid being poured down your throat? I ate some pineapple anyway...

Now (I hate starting two paragraphs in a row with the same transition word), I'm not really much of a tea drinker, but I guess I'll try it. I've done it once or twice before. And a little while ago the tea was ready and I got the tea and I sat down in front of it and asked Mom, "Is there any milk in it?"

"Why would there be any milk? It's herbal."

"You don't put milk in tea?"

"Not in herbal tea. No."

Why would you ever...? I thought, It'll be hot forever!!!

I've been sitting with this tea for a long time, contemplating when it will be just the right time to begin drinking from the mug. I'm afraid of two things: 1) What if it burns me? 2) What if I don't like it?

I do NOT want my mouth burned, in addition to having a sore throat just from having fun with my friends!! No. Just no. Undesirable. Nuh-uh. If I get a burnt mouth, in addition to a sore throat AND if I don't like it? What if I cannot escape this situation without a burnt mouth? Then who wins? The tea.