Friday, November 12, 2010

Re: Conversationalist

A friend of mine read the post "Conversationalist" and confronted me at lunch about how bad communications can mean bad things. I just want you all to know a couple things:

1) I exaggerate things sometimes because I do naturally, and sometimes just to make things funny. Talking to him is not actually like trying to be a duck. In fact, things have gotten a lot better since, and it is a lot easier to talk and now it's more like talking to a person who doesn't ever know what to talk about. Except for that was it from the start, just a lot worse, in the sense that he didn't ever know what to say. Yeah.

2) He's not good at talking to people in general. He talks to me more than he does to most other people, so that's certainly something.

3) Please do not be alarmed. Please.

Sorry this was such a serious post. I'll fix it. Just you wait:

It's poop fire, FYI. xD


  1. that picture...... is so.............. amazing.... O_________O hahahah new pooter wall paper? i think so xD


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