Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smalltalk with Snowraptors

I thought that sounded like a pretty cool title for something.
Today it snowed a lot. I woke up at around eight, rejuvenated and excitable once more, then continued resting until about 10 or 11. This seemed to me like a pretty good way to start a snow day. Then, I watched Top Chef All Stars, which is one of the only television shows I ever watch. Then, I ate bread. Then, I ate cake. Although this hasn't been a most healthful-food-filled day, it's definitely been a delicious one. And then I had to shovel snow. I'm a wimp, a big wimp, so I think you can pretty well imagine how that went. But, for those of you who can't:
So, that's basically what happens. The snow blows right back into my face and I get all angry and start complaining because I'm a wimp and get very cold and tired very easily.
BUT, today, I conquered that stupid snow. I CONQUERED it.
My brother and sister and I conquered that monstrosity today. It was light and fluffy and almost as wimpy as me, which is how I was able to DESTROY ALL OF IT. Pwtchah (accent on the "ah!")!

A few minutes ago, I asked my brother, "Do you want to go outside and make a snowraptor with me?

He said: It's, um, a little dark outside.

Me: So? We'll turn on the outside lights.

Him: Nnno.

Me: How about tomorrow?

Him: During school?

Me: No. After school.

Him: During homework and Fictional World History Club and Boy Scouts?

Me: No. After Fictional World History Club and during homework.

Him: No.

I really want to build a snowraptor so that I can sing a song about them. Somebody volunteer to build one with me. Please. Quickly. Before the snow becomes ice, which it probably already is.


  1. I want to build a snow raptor with you D:

  2. I would love to have you do that with me!


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