Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Magic Wigglee (AKA: What I Got for Christmas)

I don't celebrate Christmas, and this is probably due to the fact that I am a Jew. However, this year, my siblings and I got a couple gifts. You know, we got some small things, like little calendars (mine had sleepy kitties!!!!), some chocolate, et cetera. But the seemingly greatest gift we got was a Magic Wigglee. It is this little, fluffy creature that you suspend from an "invisible" string (attached to the nose) and you make it do stuff-- I mean, it does stuff on its own. Observe.

The reason you hear me saying "crap" at the end is because the "invisible" string came off its nose.

But just imagine the kinds of adventures I could have with the Magic Wiglee!! I could-- no. Not really. Merry Christmas, everyone. I watched "A Christmas Story" twice last night, the second time with commentary. It did not snow.

I'm waking to a... greeeeen Christmaaaaas...

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  1. that. is. the. coolest. thing. I. have. ever. seen. O_________O


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