About Me

You don't know me, so I think that it's about time I tell you something about me, so that you don't have to read my entire blog (not that I'd mind you reading it, because I'd totally be flattered) or even more than three posts (please feel free to do that anyway).

Similarly, or differently, you might actually know me, in which case you might just be reading this because you have nothing better to do, or maybe you just are too lazy or bored or procrastination-prone to bother with doing those more important things. I'm so happy that you've chosen to read this because it shows that you might or might not care.

So, going back to the main idea of the first paragraph, here are some things that you might like to know about me:

  • I am not Jesus.
  • I love cake.
  • I enjoy dinosaurs but am not obsessed with them.
  • I would be eternally grateful if you followed me and told all your friends (you knew it was inevitable that I'd say this at some point. Every blogger or vlogger or Youtube-er says it) about it. But you don't need to because just you being here and reading this makes me feel really great.
  • I like flowers for the following reasons:
    • They smell nice.
    • They look nice.
  • Never have I ever shoved raw cookie dough down my pants (credit to Dizzy).
  • I am not John Lennon.
  • I love Crayons.
  • I have carried strange things in my pockets, including but not limited to:
    • A plastic gay vombie horse named Mary Poppins
    • A plastic man named Mister Smithie
    • A Pokemon strengths and weaknesses battle chart
    • A schedule I dropped in the toilet (six minutes later my friends made me throw it out)
    • A yo-yo
    • Cake
    • A hole (a big one, at that)
    • A smaller hole
    • An anti-polio button
    • Friendship bracelet material (not all that strange)
    • A pocket watch named Epiphany
    • Assorted pens and pencils and highlighters (it's not strange, but I've put them to strange uses including the following:)
      • Writing a note to anyone intending to use the center stall in the girls' bathroom of Bella House at my school (blue highlighter) I posted about this one! You should read it by clicking this link.
      • Drawing pretty pictures in old literature (Pride and Prejudice)
      • To throw at people who piss me off
      • To write song lyrics and poems on the wall of one particular bathroom stall at camp
      • To write a guide on How To Change the Toilet Paper Roll (taped onto the inside of a bathroom stall at camp)
  • I work more efficiently when there are sound effects involved.
  • I love babies and love.
  • I am, indeed, a girl.