Saturday, November 13, 2010

News Shoes Poos Blues Clues!

Oh, man! I'm going to tell you all about what's new around here! Oh, man!

As of last night, I'm now participating in NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month), even though the month is already half-over. I have so far written two and one-third songs. Yeah! My first song is called "Let's Be Happy," and it's about my boyfriend. The second one, which I am still working on making awesome and adding verses and stuff, is about invisible friends and how I haven't played with them in years because of having real friends, a life, and a crapload of schoolwork weighting down upon my back like a pregnant goat who just ate sixty pounds of wool. The third song, which I just finished, is about how humans are resistant to change, and it is called "Fluff-Balls in the Sky." Ta-daah!

In other interesting news, I have never actually seen a pregnant goat that has eaten sixty pounds of wool sitting on somebody's back. However, I'm now going to draw you a picture of one.


  1. what is this NaSoAIMo?!? sounds like fun :D

  2. I told you: National Solo Album Month. Except... I'm starting it halfway through the month, so I have to work extra-super-hard on it! :D

  3. but like.... what is that xDDDDD sounds fun though!! if youre creating an album, I WANNA HEAR EEEEEEEET =D


    It's lots of fun. :3 Do it, do it, do it! Of course, you don't have to. Yeah. Anyway... I need to do homework and then write a song... If I write one song every day for 8 more days (average time: 3 minutes), then I'll have thirty minutes of music and nine days to record.

  5. O_____O whatever that link was, I LOVE IT!!!

    I will do it :D its too late to register though, so ill just do it for fun i guess ahaha how many tracks does it have to be? cause i have some albums that are only like 3 songs.... heh... heh. *trying to be lazy*
    Im bad at writing songs though ahahahah

  6. Yeah, it was too late to register when I heard about it too, but I'm doing it anyway.

    The shortest album that was any good was 29 minutes and 9 seconds long, so it has to be at least that long. On this CD there was one cover, so you have the choice of also having one cover if you really need it. You have to record the album during the month as well, whether it be with just stuff you have lying around at your house, or elsewhere. :D

  7. ahahaha i have a purty crappy webcam, but itll do. kindof reminds me of all those songs ben folds wrote about how deadlines sucked XD heheh. 29 minutes and 10 seconds? i can do that <___< maybe...


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