Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Brother

I guess it's about time I blog about my brother. When he wants to show me something on the computer, whether it be a video or a blog or a website of some other sort, he will come up from behind me, stretch his arms and torso over my head, and exert much pressure downwards upon me, which usually is undesirable, so I'll attempt to struggle my head into a position where it can bite him. But he sees this coming and evades it, while typing and clicking on the computer screen and keyboard.

Usually, as was said before, he just wants to show me a silly video. Usually, I'll attempt to gnaw at his arm. It doesn't really work (the gnawing at his arm part). Other times, if I'm drawing using the tablet, I'll make it so that he messes up while typing in the URL by clicking on a spot at some other point where he's already typed. Or I'll just close out of the new tab. I'm pretty clever like that. It then becomes mouse wars and then I give in and watch or see whatever he wants me to watch or see. He always wins.

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