Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Having Legs and Arms Stopped Me from Getting in Trouble with the Teacher

Okay, so, at our school, there's four lunch waves. When I have math class, I go to third lunch. There are twenty minutes between each ringing of the bell, and then the kids at lunch have ten minutes before they have to go back to class. Today, I had math class, but the teacher said, "Guys, this is my fifth class in a row today. I haven't had a chance to drink coffee, or eat food... you want to go to second lunch?" So, when the second lunch bell rang, we got up and left the classroom, and the door was locked, as per usual.

At lunch, I realized that I should never, ever agree to go to second lunch on days when I have math class during lunch block, because there's almost nobody there who is my friend, so I awkwardly sit across the table from two girls from my class and one other, one of those two girls maybe angry at me but I'm not even sure. What a joy. What a life. What a chance. ("Thank You for the Music" --ABBA)

Finally, the bell sounded for third lunch, and I watched the friends around me grow abundant, and I chatted for a while. It did not occur to me until about "seven minutes" later that the three second lunch girls had all disappeared. I finished the story I was telling and I zoomed off to the classroom. When I got there, I was not greeted by (to put in more realistic terms: I did not come across) the usual crowd of my fellow math students. Two boys were exiting the bathroom and got to the door at the same time as me, however. Each of us tried opening the door...

But it was locked...

...and nearly everyone else was inside.

I checked my watch. This could not be for real. This only happens in TV shows. Right?

We tapped on the window of the door. My friends inside and the other people saw us, and two girls (one my friend, the other not) came to the door to open it. I was the nearest to the part of the door with no hinges (the part where it can swing open) and. The door was opened about a foot before the teacher said, "No, close the door." The door was about to be closed right in my face, but I pushed it open just enough to jump in over the trash can that was next to the doorway, and I made it safely inside, and sat down. The teacher somehow, luckily, did not notice. Somehow, neither did my friend who came to open the door. I said her name and she turned around, and said, "Wait, how'd you get inside??" I told her, "I jumped."

Then the teacher went out to talk to the other kids who had come late. He seemed really mad. I was safe. I was okay. I was safe.

I thanked the other girl, while the teacher was outside, for not shutting the door on my nose.

Then I reset my watch to say what the school clocks say.


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