Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Babies and Cake

I figured that, before I go too far into my blogging experience here, I should most definitely explain the strange words I use here!

Firstly, I'll tell you my definition of the word "baby." If you ever read the word "babies" on here, I probably mean the following:

I do not mean the following, unless I say otherwise:

I don't really know how it all started, but I think that, one day, it just clicked in my head that the adorableness of babies (the infants) was about equal to the adorableness of couples. Then, while staring at a picture of some cute people loving each other, I blurted out, "BABIES." My friends were all just a little confused, but, over time, after giving no real explanation because there just isn't a real explanation other than the fact that couple adorableness equates to infancy adorableness, we have all started to use it as a part of our everyday dictionary. Thus, the term, "BABIES!" was born (no pun intended).

Nextly, we have "OMC!" You see, I'm a Cakist. I believe in Cake. So, while most people will say, "Oh, my God!" or "...Gosh!" or "...Great-Golly-Gosh-Gee-Willacres!" or, if you're George Wilson, "...Ga-od!" we Cakists say, "Oh, my Cake!" End of story.

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