Monday, November 8, 2010

I Am a Very Bad Girl. Also, I Am Terrified. Also, My Thumb Hurts.

I didn't post yesterday, not that anybody noticed, because I doubt that anybody actually reads/regularly reads my blog. Also, I ate leftover icing and a Kit Kat for a snack today. Stupid idea. It's all going to catch up to me, someday.

The terrified part is because I had a bad dream last night.

The thumb-hurting part is because I was just playing ukulele for a little over half an hour for the first time in months, so now my thumb hurts from strumming so much, which means that I should start practicing more regularly. Or else, something bad will happen, such as my thumb exploding when a metal cart gets shoved into it when I'm trying to get out of bed at a hospital!
This is exactly what would happen. At least, it's what happened to that girl's spleen, in that movie...

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