Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crap Day

First of all, I'm so sorry to you all that I've been neglecting this place for a couple of days. For those of you who bother still checking to see and say, "Maaaaaybe, just MAYBE, just posted something new today," thank you so much for still having faith in me. Or maybe you don't. Whatever the case, thanks a bundle. Now, onward with my crap day.

FIRST THING: I had Aquatics today. That's how you KNOW that the day is going to suck. I actually am getting a bit better, but I'm still half-doggy-paddle-ing. It looks really weird, for anybody who's watching. Oh, also, my goggles feel as though they are exerting so much suction on my face, that I'm afraid that they will pop out my eyeballs. I'm seriously afraid of that. That gruesome detail will not be part of the following diagram. DIAGRAM:

On my way out of Aquatics, my friend saw me and informed me that I looked like a drowning animal. Then I saw firetrucks outside and followed the crowd out and down the road a little ways from the school. There was a fire. We were out there for twenty minutes. Whilst standing out there, I was told I looked like a drowning kitten. Then I was told that I looked like a drowning puppy. Pictures will be put up tomorrow, if I remember.
I mean, really, guys? Is that what I look like? Do I just not look in a real mirror whenever I think I do, and really I'm looking at some animal-kitten-puppy thing? Okay. Cool. That's... uh... I wonder how I haven't yet gotten into "Riply's Believe-It-Or-Not." Maybe I am, and I just haven't found out about it.

Whatever the case, the rest of the day basically went on without much specialties, except for my sister coming home. But when we went to get her from the train station, traffic was like trying to stuff the octagon-shaped block into the hole meant for the triangle-shaped block. It just didn't happen. The end.

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