Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did I Ever Tell You About the Sock Puppet Babies of Thanksgiving?

Okay, well, my four-year-old cousin, had these three sock puppets she thought were the absolute greatest things in the world, and she called them babies.
She let me help her decorate one of them, and then I asked, "Do they need ears?" and she told me, "No, they don't like ears," and then informed me that one of them can even hear through her eyes.
So, then, we put them into a basket and put her Disney princesses blanket on them, and went into the big crowded room with all our family members and started showing them the babies. Four-year-old did not like the fact that everyone was being really loud, because they would wake up the babies!
And so we went over to her parents and aunt and my sister, and Four-year-old said to my sister, "If you are talking to people, can you please not talk to them because it is loud and the babies are trying to sleep?" and my sister said said, "Well, your mommy and daddy and aunt are talking about politics, so that might be a little hard to do. Do you know what politics is?" "No." "It's loud and explosive, especially when your parents and aunt are talking about it." "Oh. Can you tell them to stop?" "Well, I don't know. I can try."
So then my sister tells them, "You guys have to be quiet, because Ava's sock puppets are trying to sleep." The aunt and mother think this is great, but the father thinks this is just ridiculous, and says, "They're already asleep, aren't they?" Four-year-old said, then, "But you'll wake them up!!" "But they don't have ears. They can't hear us." So I piped up from behind Four-year-old, "Actually, one of them can hear through her eyes."
After a good laugh, they decided to "be a little quieter." We then moved on to where my mom, grandma, and my brother were sitting. We showed them the babies. My brother said, "That's a basket." So we opened it up and he said, "Those are sock puppets." We informed him that, no, they are babies.
Then Four-year-old wanted to push them around in a stroller, and it was nearly impossible to tell her that there was no room to do that, and then we pretended that it was night time, and then we woke up, and then we pretended to play games and go to school, and then we repeated the process (including going around and showing everyone the babies). Then, after repeating a few more times, we watched Mulan.

So, we had a synesthetic sock puppet.
It's really amazing what those things can do.
And when she was letting me decorate one of the puppets, she asked me its name, and I said, "Monster." "Is it a boy or a girl?" "It's a boy." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, it's a boy." "Is it a girl?" "No, it's a boy." "Why is it a boy?" "Because he is." "Do you like boys?" "Yes." "Is Monster a girl?" "No."

I love this kid.

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